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The Ceta-Base website is intended to serve as an informational resource and database of captive held cetaceans around the world. Each database or inventory is organized by species: Luga'logue (Belugas), Or'census (Killer Whales) and the Phin'ventory (Dolphins & Porpoises). Within each species database there are three population categories - Living, Deceased and Historical. By default each inventory will start out on the Living Population of animals, living population will reflect the current inventory of animals and any given facility. If you're interested in animals that have passed on you'll want to look at the Deceased Population for each species. Finally, the Historical Population will combine both the Living and Deceased animals to provide a historical record of animals held at each respective facility throughout the years.

The most recent changes to the database are noted below.
Last updated:

Most Recent Births, Stillbirths & Miscarriages
Date: Species: Event: Who: Location:
08-Jun-2014 Bottlenose Birth Guarina Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
23-May-2014 Bottlenose Birth Mary Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
22-May-2014 Bottlenose Birth Dazzle Marineland Dolphin Adventure
04-May-2014 Porpoise, Finless Birth Filly / 小雌 Tongling Freshwater Dolphin Nat'l NR
04-May-2014 Porpoise, Finless Birth Lucky / 来福 Tongling Freshwater Dolphin Nat'l NR

Most Recent Deaths
Date: Species: Event: Who: Location:
21-May-2014 Melon-headed Whale Death PERR-2014-001F Sea World Gold Coast
19-May-2014 Bottlenose Death Bailey SeaWorld Orlando
15-May-2014 Bottlenose Death Scotia SeaWorld San Antonio
17-May-2014 Striped Death SCRR-201400?F Ocean Park Hong Kong
11-May-2014 Bottlenose, Indo-Pac Death Sharmila Marine Life Park Sentosa

Most Recent Transports
Date: Species: Event: Who: From → To:
11-Jun-2014 Bottlenose Transfer Ai & Etsu Izu-mito Sea Paradise → Joetsu
10-Jun-2014 Bottlenose Transfer Gina & Miru Suma Aqualife Park → Dolphin Coast
??-May-2014 Bottlenose Transfer 9 dolphins, no names Taiji → Honjima Dolphin Village
??-May-2014 White-sided, Pacific Transfer 4 dolphins, no names Taiji → Honjima Dolphin Village
26-May-2014 Bottlenose Transfer 10 dolphins, no names Taiji → Beijing & Shishi Sea World

Most Recent Strandings
Date: Species: Event: Who: Location:
11-Apr-2014 Spinner Strand SLRR-2014-001F Alaminos, Pangasinan
29-Mar-2014 Bottlenose, Indo-Pac Strand Phina IDESS Maritime School / Ocean Adventure
19-Mar-2014 Porpoise, Harbor Strand Maas Maasvlakte, SOS Dolfijn
05-Mar-2014 Spinner Strand Scarlet Zambales, Ocean Adventure
01-Mar-2014 Porpoise, Harbor Strand Hugo Vlieland, SOS Dolfijn

Most Recent Releases / Escapes
Date: Species: Event: Who: Location:
14-Jan-2014 Porpoise, Harbor Release Ella SOS Dolfijn, North Sea
22-Nov-2013 Risso's Escape Niru's Calf Taiji Whale Museum
12-Nov-2013 Bottlenose Release R08 SeaWorld Orlando
18-Oct-2013 Bottlenose Release Hope Dolphin Marine Magic
08-Oct-2013 Common, Short-beak Release T.J. SeaWorld San Diego

Most Years in Human Care (Living Population)
Years in Care: Species: Event: Who: Location:
(W) Bottlenose Years Captive Puck Boudewijn Seapark
(W) Pilot, Short-finned Years Captive Bubbles SeaWorld San Diego
(W) Bottlenose Years Captive Toad U.S. Navy
(W) Bottlenose Years Captive Skinny Dolfinarium Harderwijk
(W) Bottlenose Years Captive Molly Dolphin Research Center

W = Wild Caught, "Years in Human Care" = time of entry to present, not estimated age

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page has been obtained from numerous sources believed to be reliable and is as up to date as possible. Please keep in mind that the very nature of this data is dynamic - animals are moved, give birth and die. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site. Please be patient with any mistakes. READ FULL DISCLAIMER. If you would like to submit information or pictures please contact the WEBMASTERS.

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