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Tracking Taiji: Live Capture & Export Data from Drive Fisheries - Part One, The Hunt (Mar 2012)
An introduction and analysis of drive hunt catch statistics with information on live-capture & export of cetaceans from Japan.

2011 Captive Cetaceans, Living Population: United States & Canada (Jun 2011)
A snapshot of the current cetacean inventory in the United States and Canada.

2010 Captive Belugas: Canada, Europe & U.S. - A Historical Record & Inventory. (Aug 2010)
The exhibition of belugas began approximately 149 years ago with the capture of one whale. This event marked the first (known) species of cetacean to be held captive and which continues to be held in human care today. The following document compiles a history, timeline and inventory of animals found within parks in Canada, Europe & the United States. PDF 2.3MB (Second Edition, Published August 24th, 2010)

2010 Captive Commerson's Dolphin: World Wide Population (August 2010)
A history & current inventory of Commerson's Dolphins held throughout the world.

Marine Mammal Inventory Reports: Basic Info
A Marine Mammal Inventory Report (MMIR) is required for those holding marine mammals under the designation of public display as defined in the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 . Requisite for each holders MMIR as noted in the MMPA are:

(Section 104, Permits: paragraphs 9 & 10)
(B)(i) A person which has a permit under paragraph (2), or a person exercising rights under paragraph (2)(C), which has possession of a marine mammal that gives birth to progeny shall—
(I) notify the Secretary of the birth of such progeny within 30 days after the date of birth; and
(II) notify the Secretary of the sale, purchase, or transport of such progeny no later than 15 days before such action.
(ii) The Secretary may only require notification under clause (i) to include the information required for the inventory established under paragraph (10).

The Secretary shall establish and maintain an inventory of all marine mammals possessed pursuant to permits issued under paragraph (2)(A), by persons exercising rights under paragraph (2)(C), and all progeny of such marine mammals. The inventory shall contain, for each marine mammal, only the following information which shall be provided by a person holding a marine mammal under this Act:
(A)The name of the marine mammal or other identification.
(B) The sex of the marine mammal.
(C) The estimated or actual birth date of the marine mammal.
(D) The date of acquisition or disposition of the marine mammal by the permit holder.
(E) The source from whom the marine mammal was acquired including the location of the take from the wild, if applicable.
(F) If the marine mammal is transferred, the name of the recipient.
(G) A notation if the animal was acquired as the result of a stranding.
(H) The date of death of the marine mammal and the cause of death when determined.

NOTE: MMIR's are only as accurate as information reported after Oct 1972. Animals before this date, referred to as "Pre-Act" are not subject to the rules/constraints of the MMPA. Information on Pre-Act marine mammals may be inadequate, incorrect or missing from the MMIR.

Marine Mammal Inventory Reports: Facility Reports (Cetaceans & Pinnipeds)
Asia: China Ocean World: Guangzhou 13-May-2009
Asia: Hong Kong Ocean Park: Hong Kong 13-May-2009
Asia: Indonesia Gelanggang Samudra 13-May-2009
Asia: Japan Izu-mito Sea Paradise 13-May-2009
Asia: Japan Kamogawa Sea World 13-May-2009
Asia: Japan Nanki Shirahama AW 13-May-2009
Asia: Malaysia Zoo Negara 13-May-2009
Canada: BC Vancouver Aquarium 13-May-2009
Canada: Montreal Montreal Biodome 13-May-2009
Canada: Ontario Marineland Canada 13-May-2009
Central America: Honduras Anthony's Key, RIMS 13-May-2009
Central America: Mexico Acuarama, Mx 13-May-2009
Central America: Mexico CiCi Waterpark 13-May-2009
Central America: Mexico Convimar 13-May-2009
Europe: Belgium Dolphinarium Brugge 13-May-2009
Europe: Finland Tampereen Sarkanniemi 13-May-2009
Europe: France La Galoperie 13-May-2009
Europe: France Marineland France 13-May-2009
Europe: Germany Carl Hagenbeck Tierpark 13-May-2009
Europe: Germany Delphinarium Hassloch 13-May-2009
Europe: Germany Tiergarten Stadt Nurnberg 13-May-2009
Europe: Germany Zoo Duisburg 13-May-2009
Europe: Iceland Kelttsvik Bay (Keiko) 13-May-2009
Europe: Italy Acuario di Genova 13-May-2009
Europe: Italy Adriatic Sea World (Cattolica) 13-May-2009
Europe: Italy Adriatic Sea World (Riccione) 13-May-2009
Europe: Netherlands Dolfinarium Harderwijk 13-May-2009
Europe: Netherlands Dolfirado 13-May-2009
Europe: Portugal Lisbon Zoo 13-May-2009
Europe: Portugal Zoomarine Portugal 13-May-2009
Europe: Spain Acuaticland, Spain 13-May-2009
Europe: Spain Anivision, Spain 13-May-2009
Europe: Spain Barcelona Zoo 13-May-2009
Europe: Spain Loro Parque 13-May-2009
Europe: Spain Rio Leona Reserva Africana 13-May-2009
Europe: Sweden Kolmarden Zoo 13-May-2009
Europe: Switzerland Connyland 13-May-2009
Europe: Switzerland Knie's Kinderzoo 13-May-2009
Europe: Switzerland Sea Artists Enterprises 13-May-2009
Islands: Bahamas Atlantis: Paradise Island 13-May-2009
Islands: Bermuda Dolphin Quest: Bermuda 13-May-2009
Islands: Tortola Prospect Reef Resort 13-May-2009
Middle East: Israel Tel Aviv Dolphiarium 13-May-2009
Oceania: Australia Sea World Gold Coast 13-May-2009
Oceania: French Polynesia Dolphin Quest: French Polynesia 13-May-2009
Oceania: French Polynesia Moorea Dolphin Center 13-May-2009
Oceania: New Zealand Marineland Napier 13-May-2009
United Kingdom Brighton Aquarium 13-May-2009
United Kingdom Cornish Seal Sanctuary 13-May-2009
United Kingdom Flamingopark/Flamingoland 13-May-2009
United Kingdom Knowsley Safari Park 13-May-2009
United Kingdom Morecambe Marineland 13-May-2009
United Kingdom Trident Television, UK 13-May-2009
United Kingdom Windsor Safari Park 13-May-2009
United Kingdom Brighton Aquarium 13-May-2009
United States Miami Seaquarium ??-Jan-2006
United States SeaWorld Clevland ??-Apr-2007
United States SeaWorld Orlando ??-Apr-2007
United States SeaWorld Orlando (with names) ??-Apr-2007
United States SeaWorld San Antonio ??-Apr-2007
United States SeaWorld San Antonio (with names) ??-Apr-2007
United States SeaWorld San Diego ??-Apr-2007
United States SeaWorld San Diego (with names) ??-Apr-2007

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