10500 Sea World Drive · San Antonio, Texas · United States
Operating: 1988 - Present


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NOTE: Some animals on this page are considered "Placeholder Animals". Placeholder animals are those mentioned in newspaper articles or other sources but to which I have no other identifier for, like a name. Animals that fall under this category will often be listed as "Name Unk" with some other note as to their identity. These animals may represent duplicate entries in the database, meaning, they may already represent an animal that is named in other inventories but whose history is unknown.

United States: Texas   ·   SeaWorld San Antonio   ·   Belugas (Delphinapterus leucas)   ·   Living Population
Natasha © OrcaDream
© OrcaDream
D. leucas Natasha NOA0000748 F Capture 16-Jul-1984 Canada, Manitoba Wild Wild -
AZA, 0046 Transport 22-Jul-1984 New York Aqua.
NYA, 05-103 Transport 18-Dec-2002 Mystic Aquarium
Transport 26-May-2005 New York Aqua.
Transport 07-Nov-2005 Georgia Aquarium
Transport 05-Oct-2009 SeaWorld Texas
Crissy © OrcaDream
© OrcaDream
D. leucas Crissy NOA0002947 F Capture ??-???-1988 Canada Manitoba Wild Wild -
AZA, 0068 Transport 16-Jul-1988 SeaWorld Texas
SWT-DL-8876 Transport 05-May-1995 SeaWorld Orlando
Transport 18-Oct-1998 SeaWorld Texas
Martha © OrcaDream
© OrcaDream
D. leucas Martha NOA0002949 F Capture ??-Jul-1988 Canada Manitoba Wild Wild -
AZA, 0071 Transport ??-Jul-1988 Canada Holding
SWT-DL-8878 Transport 17-Jul-1988 SeaWorld Texas
Imaq © deizibug
© deizibug
D. leucas Imaq NOA0006731 M Capture 12-Aug-1990 Canada Manitoba Wild Wild -
AZA, 0077 Transport 12-Aug-1990 Canada Holding
SWT-DL-1176 Transport 15-Aug-1990 Vancouver Aq.
Transport 17-Apr-2011 SeaWorld Texas
Luna © OrcaDream
© OrcaDream
D. leucas Luna NOA0005912 F Birth 24-Jul-2000 SeaWorld Texas Martina Luke -
AZA, 0129      
Oliver © OrcaDream
© OrcaDream
D. leucas Oliver NOA0006414 M Birth 23-Jun-2007 SeaWorld Texas Martina Nanuq -
AZA, 0146      
NAME © OrcaDream
D. leucas Samson NOA0010087 M Birth 09-Jul-2013 SeaWorld Texas Luna Imaq -
AZA, ?      
NAME © OrcaDream
D. leucas Stella NOA0010095 F Birth 26-Jul-2013 SeaWorld Texas Crissy Imaq -
AZA, ?      
NOTES:  names in italics indicate a deceased individual. Population Size = 8 (3.5.0) total: 4W, 4B  
  Luna had a miscarriage ~ 2008 or prior, exact date is unknown

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