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Andre N/A M ??-???-???? W Wild Wild Died 20-Oct-1980
Brigitte N/A F ??-???-???? W Wild Wild Died 19-Jan-1979
Evelyne N/A F ??-???-???? W Wild Wild Died 29-Jun-1979
Lucky N/A M ??-???-???? W Wild Wild Died 29-Jan-1978
Oum N/A M ??-???-???? W Wild Wild Died 12-Apr-1993
N/A M 15-Aug-1978 W Wild Wild Died 28-Jan-1987
Virginia N/A F 20-Aug-1979 W Wild Wild Died 25-Oct-1979
Houston N/A M 06-Mar-1979 W Wild Wild Died 16-Jan-1987
Roissy N/A F 06-Mar-1979 W Wild Wild Died 31-Mar-1991
Ralf/Calf N/A M 06-Mar-1979 W Wild Wild Died
(during capture)
Gem N/A F 08-Mar-1979 W Wild Wild Died 27-Jun-1982
Tex N/A M 04-Jun-1979 W Wild Wild Died ??-Jul-2005
Flipper N/A M 29-Jun-1979 B Evelyne Unk Died 05-Jun-1980
Josephine N/A F 09-Apr-1980 W Wild Wild Died 23-Aug-2011
Lotty N/A F 22-Jun-1983 W Wild Wild - -
Sharky N/A F 20-Oct-1983 W Wild Wild - -
Malou N/A F ??-???-1985 W Wild Wild - -
Coraline N/A M 27-Sep-1985 W Wild Wild Died
(during birth)
Aurore N/A F 27-Sep-1985 W Wild Wild Died ??-???-2005
Limo/Leo N/A M 23-Nov-1988 W Wild Wild Died 27-Jan-1992
Nemo N/A M 23-Nov-1988 W Wild Wild Died 27-Aug-1992
Ecume N/A F 27-Sep-1989 W Wild Wild - -
Eclair N/A M 30-Sep-1990 B Josephine Oum - -
Alize N/A M 19-Mar-1992 B Aurore Oum - -
Cornelius N/A M 28-May-1993 B Malou Unk Died ??-???-1996
Manon N/A F 02-Jun-1993 B Josephine Unk. Died 09-Aug-2006
Rocky N/A M 13-Mar-1997 B Mary Tritón - -
Dam N/A M 20-May-1999 B Mancha Tritón - -
Ona N/A F ??-???-1999 B ? ? Died ??-Oct-2004
Fenix N/A M 23-Dec-2001 B Lotty Flip Died 10-Oct-2009
Kaly N/A F 23-Aug-2003 B Manon Eclair Died 07-Jun-2011
Neo N/A M 23-Dec-2006 B Malou Eclair - -
Mila-Tami N/A F ??-Jan-2007 B Sharky Eclair - -
Sharky's Calf
N/A ? 30-Mar-2010 B Sharky Eclair Stillborn 30-Mar-2010
Nala N/A ? 03-Jun-2010 B Malou Eclair - -
Ania N/A F 07-May-2011 B Ecume Eclair - -
N/A M 09-Jun-2011 B Sharky Eclair - -
NOTES: names that are italicized indicate a deceased individual.

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Marine Mammal Inventory Reports (MMIR)
2009-May-19: Marineland France, MMIR (PDF)

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