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None/Name Unk. N/A ? ??-Jan-1961 W Wild Wild Died
(during transport)
Billy N/A M ??-Jan-1961 W Wild Wild Died 29-Jan-1961
Maggie N/A F ??-Jan-1961 W Wild Wild Died 02-Dec-1961
Tommy N/A M ??-Jan-1961 W Wild Wild Died 30-Aug-1963
Vicki N/A F 27-Jan-1961 W Wild Wild Died 20-Apr-1978
Mollie N/A F ~ 1962 W Wild Wild Died ??-???-????
Robbie N/A M ~ 1962 W Wild Wild Died 26-Oct-1972
Salty N/A M 15-Aug-1964 W Wild Wild Died 23-Sep-1974
Angie N/A F 15-Aug-1964 W Wild Wild Died 26-Jan-1990
Opo N/A ? 08-Oct-1964 B Vicki Unk. Died 24-Oct-1964
Drumstick N/A M 28-Nov-1972 W Wild Wild Died 10-Sep-1975
Connie N/A F 02-Aug-1973 W Wild Wild Died 05-Jan-1995
Bunker N/A M 13-May-1975 W Wild Wild Died 29-Jul-1978
Shana N/A F 25-Jan-1976 W Wild Wild Died 10-Nov-1987
Windy N/A F 27-Feb-1979 W Wild Wild Died 01-Mar-1999
Chinook N/A M 23-Aug-1988 W Wild Wild - -
Tapeko N/A F 31-Aug-1988 W Wild Wild - -
N/A F 31-Mar-1990 B April Merlin Died 06-Jun-1998
Windy's Calf
N/A M 30-Aug-1990 B Windy Gibbs
Died 07-Sep-1990
Windy's Calf
N/A M 05-Oct-1991 B Windy Gibbs
Died 21-Oct-1991
Tapeko's Calf
N/A M 28-Apr-1992 B Tapeko Gibbs
Died 03-May-1992
Connie's Calf
N/A M 11-May-1991 M Connie Gibbs
Miscarriage 11-May-1991
Windy's Calf
N/A M 03-Sep-1993 B Windy Gibbs
Died 13-Sep-1993
Kaylee N/A F 17-Sep-1993 B Tapeko Nemo Died 03-Apr-2009
Tapeko's Calf
N/A F 01-Feb-2000 B Tapeko Nemo Died 14-Feb-2000
Tapeko's Calf
N/A M 04-Oct-2001 SB Tapeko Chinook Stillborn 04-Oct-2001
Micco N/A M 19-Oct-2001 B Kaylee Chinnok Died 13-Jan-2008
Spree N/A F 16-Aug-2002 B Rio Semo - -
Noelani N/A F 30-Oct-2003 B Tapeko Lucky - -
Tatem N/A M 08-Apr-2004 B Caliban
- -
Kaylee's Calf
N/A M 03-Jun-2004 B Kaylee Lucky Died 08-Jun-2004
Allison N/A F 03-Nov-2005 B Tapeko Hastings - -
Nea N/A F 03-Jun-2007 B Bailey
Stein 1 Died 05-Sep-2011
Tapeko's Calf
N/A M 30-Oct-2011 B Tapeko Chinook Died 30-Oct-2011
NOTES: names that are italicized indicate a deceased individual.
1 Stein is the sire through Artificial Insemination (A.I.)

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Marine Mammal Inventory Reports (MMIR)
2009-May-13: Brookfield Zoo, MMIR (PDF)

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