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Iwa N/A F 16-Jun-1977 W Wild Wild - -
Hobi N/A M 17-Feb-1988 W Wild Wild Died 26-Jul-1999
Leilani N/A F 17-Feb-1988 W Wild Wild Died 04-Oct-1999
Kai N/A M 26-Feb-1988 W Wild Wild Died 09-Apr-1989
Pele N/A F 26-Feb-1988 W Wild Wild - -
Yoichi N/A M 26-Feb-1988 W Wild Wild Died 16-Mar-1989
Kona N/A F 15-Jun-1988 W Wild Wild - -
Pele's Calf
N/A F 01-Jul-1994 SB Pele Hobi Stillborn 01-Jul-1994
Malia N/A F 21-Aug-1995 B Pele Hobi Died 25-Oct-2000
Shaka's Calf
N/A F 26-Sep-1996 SB Shaka Hobi Stillborn 26-Sep-1996
Kai'nalu N/A M 03-Oct-1996 B Leilani Hobi - -
Hanale N/A M 25-Oct-1997 B Pele Hobi Died 28-Dec-2002
Shaka's Calf
N/A F 03-Nov-1997 B Shaka Hobi Died 19-Nov-1997
Somers N/A F 22-May-1998 B Bailey
Hobi Died 23-Apr-2010
Nimbus N/A M 14-Jun-1999 B Cirrus
- -
Keo N/A F 01-Sep-2000 B Pele Lono - -
Liko N/A M 08-Sep-2000 B Kona Lono - -
Poliahu's Calf
N/A F 15-Mar-2001 SB Poliahu Lono Stillborn 15-Mar-2001
Iwa's Calf
N/A M 27-Mar-2001 SB Iwa Lono Stillborn 27-Mar-2001
Hali'a N/A F 09-Oct-2007 B Kona Sparky 1 - -
Hua N/A M 23-Mar-2008 B Pele Lono - -
Noelani N/A F 05-Aug-2010 B Pele Unk. - -
Ipo N/A ? 20-Aug-2011 B Iwa Nimbus - -
NOTES: names that are italicized indicate a deceased individual.
1 Sparky was the sire through artificial insemination (A.I.)

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Marine Mammal Inventory Reports (MMIR)
2010-Nov-29: Dolphin Quest: Hawai'i, MMIR (PDF)
2009-May-13: Dolphin Quest: Hawai'i, MMIR (PDF)

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