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60128 Plailly - France EUROPE

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Beauty N/A F ??-???-1982 W Wild Wild - -
N/A F ??-???-1982 W Wild Wild Died ??-May-2001
Femke N/A F 16-Dec-1984 W Wild Wild - -
Laura N/A F ??-???-1982 W Wild Wild Died 29-Oct-1995
Beila N/A F ~1987/1988 W Wild Wild Died
Elisabeth N/A F ~1987/1988 W Wild Wild Died
Amaya N/A F ??-???-1988 W Wild Wild Died ??-Oct-2004
Guama N/A M ??-Dec-1988 W Wild Wild - -
Athéna N/A F 28-Jul-1993 B Amaya Pichi Died ??-Oct-2006
Aya N/A F 04-Jul-1996 B Amaya Pichi - -
Baily N/A F 25-Jul-1999 B Beauty Pichi - -
Amaya's Calf
N/A F ??-Jun-2002 B Amaya Pichi Died ??-Jun-2002
Thaïs N/A F 16-Jul-2002 B Amaya Pichi Died ??-Oct-2006
Byos N/A M 28-Jun-2003 B Beauty Pichi Died 11-Jul-2003
Balasi N/A M 16-Aug-2004 B Beauty Pichi - -
Galéo N/A M 10-Aug-2009 B Baily Guama - -
Aïcko N/A M 14-Aug-2010 B Aya Guama - -
Ekinox N/A M 20-Sep-2010 B Femke Guama - -
Naska N/A M 24-Aug-2011 B Baily Guama - -
Boréa N/A F 13-Oct-2011 B Beauty Guama Died 20-Oct-2011
NOTES: names that are italicized indicate a deceased individual.

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References & Citations
2004-Aug-20: Trois nouveau-nés au delphinarium Bottlenose, Balasi &Minnios
2003-Jul-13: Byos, le delphineau, victime de sa marraine Bottlenose, Byos
2003-Jul-05: Byos, un petit dauphin de plus chez AstérixBottlenose, Byos
2002-Jul-07: Une naissance chez les dauphins Bottlenose, Thais

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