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Girl N/A F ??-???-???? W Wild Wild Died ??-???-????
Sandy N/A F 15-Jun-1976 W Wild Wild Died ??-???-????
Speedy N/A M 15-Jun-1976 W Wild Wild Died ??-???-????
Kuby N/A F 15-Jun-1982 W Wild Wild Died ??-???-????
Lola N/A F 15-Jun-1982 W Wild Wild Died ??-???-????
Joanna-Lippi N/A ? ??-???-???? B ? Unk Died ??-???-????
Kuby's Calf
N/A ? ??-Mar-1987 B Kuby Unk Died ??-Mar-1987
Lady Kattja
N/A F ??-Nov-1988 B Lola Unk Died ??-???-????
Tabo Tab-8 M 15-Jun-1993 B Candy Bravo - -
Golia N/A M 06-Jul-1993 B Isa Bravo - -
Clio N/A F ??-???-1997 B Girl Speedy Died ??-???-1997
Ulisses N/A M 03-Sep-1997 B Candy Bravo - -
Achille N/A M 23-Aug-2002 B Bonnie Bravo - -
NOTES: This list may be incomplete.
Four dolphins died at Fasano in 1992 due to an outbreak of morbilli virus, its believed those four dolphins are Sandy, Lola, Kattja & Kuby.
In August 2000 a pregnant female was also rumored to have died, no other info.

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